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AlbaTox provides nonclinical safety consulting services to support a wide range of projects from pharmaceutical drug development, chemical and consumer products.

Viktoria McDonald is a European Registered Toxicologist who has been working in nonclinical safety since 2001, specialising in the inhalation route. She has conducted and reported hundreds of nonclinical studies as a Study Director within two major CROs as well as project management of many Phase I clinical trials, particularly first in human.  She has also served as an ethics committee member providing opinion on various clinical trials in the UK. In the last 5 years she has worked as a consultant providing nonclinical regulatory strategy and programme management to the pharmaceutical industry as well as extensive scientific writing, including safety assessments of a wide range of compounds including impurities, extractables, leachables, chemicals, vaping liquid ingredients and emissions. 

AlbaTox collaborates with a network of expert consultants, accessing the best skills to deliver results.


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